Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Just a little sneak peak

I may have entered a certain contest on a certain Austin, Texas fashion blog.  I may be slightly poking fun at how many fashion bloggers (myself included) think we should be on America's Next Top Model.  And I really did wear this outfit to work with a pink poof on my head.

First off I must say a huge thank you to the fine women of 365 Fashion Rehab, my kindred sisters in all that is denying oneself of in-season striped shirts, black shorts, and pretty dresses.  I was one of the winners of their No Shop Challenge.  I won this AMAZING fascinator from I Heart Accessories.  I am going to be really honest.  I love it too.  The first time I wore it was to Rachel of MouseVox Vintage's birthday party that I swung by on my way home from New York City.  I honestly wish I had a pretty Little White Dress to pair this with.  Oh hell, I'll just make something.

A few other things, I had a great 4th of July weekend and I didn't take a single picture.  I did however, light a lot of fireworks, get chased by one, and the next day go to an amazing theme park in Santa Claus, IN.  A very fun, and very relaxing weekend.  Well, except for the temper tantrum I threw because the black shorts I was going to make were too small.  Yes, I made them too small.  If anyone has a 14 year old that would like some hand made shorts in a juniors size 7/8 then let me know. 

*Special note, Adored Austin did not ask me to promote this contest, I'm posting about it because I don't have an outfit shot for today but had this picture in the archives.


  1. Oh my...the poof is a way I'm not sure how to describe. It's hilarious.
    Woot-woot, Santa Clause, IN--Ok I already told you about HOliday World and my family's relations to it...but I can't believe someone else actually knows about that place. oh Indiana....and oh Holidog (isn't that the Holiday World Mascot's name?) Do they still offer free soda at any of the booths in the park-yeah they used to if they don't anymore. And I haven't been since when The Raven first opened--I think I was about 19. so I'm sure its way more fun than it used to be, but it worked for me when I was a tyke. Let's hear it for Southern Indiana! Ok, maybe you can give me silly comments like this when I make it down to Nashville this October. Like when I geek-out tourist style and try to linedance at the Wild Horse Saloon or something lame like that.

  2. LOVE the poof- I'm obnoxiously putting something similar on my wedding dress. What were you doing in Indiana?

  3. Hi Alyson! I just stumbled across this when I was looking at links to our website. I'm so glad you love the poof and I'm glad it went to a good home :) Now that I know about you're blog, I'm following it!

    I Heart Accessories



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