Thursday, July 08, 2010

Call to action: vote for me!

Voting starts today on the Aloof blogger contest on Adored Austin.  The winner gets even more entries into the contest she is doing to give away the tank top.  So why should you vote for me, well here are a few reasons (you know I love lists!):

1.  I wore this all day, to work even.  My coworkers can vouch for me (seriously just ask @raventools on twitter)
2.  You like me, hopefully
3.  You think I am funny, hopefully
4.  Um, I can't buy the tank top?  
5.  I LOVE winning.  So this would be something awesome to win regardless if I get the tank top or not.

So go vote, right now! 

Oh you voted?  Thank you!


  1. Officially, on record, I would like to state that I LOVE that you wore this to work all day.

    Also, I need a poof like that in my life like now. I could rock a yellow one like no one's business. Going to go check out I Heart Accessories right now!
    -Indiana@Adored Austin.

  2. 1. You crack me up. I'm pretty sure you've always cracked me up, but I love reading your blog because of this!
    2. I voted today, can I vote more than once? Like every 24 hours or something?
    3. I usually am not a fan of bubble hemmed clothing, but I LOVE that skirt. So cute!
    4. I'm a list ADDICT. I probably write 4-5 lists a day for various things. I think I like the anal retentive organization factor of list making. Plus nothing feels better than checking things off of a to-do list.

  3. how could I not vote for you? You have the same name as my mom. :)



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