Monday, March 12, 2012

Workin' it!

I realized I hadn't updated since I talked about hopefully getting a second job.  Good news, I got it!  Hooray.  I actually started training this Saturday.  Helloo supplemental income!  Can I just say that getting out of debt is HARD.  Every little surprise that comes up (such as my shower head crapping out on me last weekend), makes me loathe spending money on that surprise rather than paying off my credit cards.  However, my new showerhead is incredible.  I also just want to shop.  It is hard because I feel like I'm only half committed to not buying clothes.  I should probably go re-read my blog post about want vs. need.

How am I coping with this whole ordeal... yet again?  Television, sewing, crafting, pinteresting (oooh, I like that... if it is worthy of being pinned, it is pinteresting), and working out.  Pinterest is so great for finding fitness inspiration.  I just keep thinking if I can't buy good looking new clothes, I'll just try and look good in the clothes that I already have.  I easily get bored with working out.  Also, my body adapts to work outs within a week and a half, so if I don't change it up, its not nearly as effective. 

I love this upper body workout from Shape.  The whole program is 2 reps of 8 different arm/abs workouts.  There is a version of a one armed pushup that wrecks me but my arms are already looking toned and bonus, my shoulders and back look fantastic.  Did you know that triceps respond quickly to muscle training?  I try to remember to do a few chair dips in my office.

I love the girls from Tone it Up.  I really love the community they have created, and all of their workout videos are really motivating.  My favorite lately has been the Beach Bum video.  This 6 minute workout has been part of my morning combination before I hit the shower.  I usually will keep my yoga mat by my bed, so I can just roll out of bed and get my booty workout for the day.

Like I said above, I can get really bored with workouts really fast. has been the perfect solution.  Each day they post a random ab routine.  They can vary in intensity and focus, however, it is always something different every single day.  They walk you through your form, and show videos on how to do some of the moves.

What keeps you motivated?  How do you stay motivated to working out or just accomplishing your goals?

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  1. I have to sign up for a run to even get myself to go to the gym. The only thing that motivates me is knowing I can't finish a run I've signed up for. Then I'm forced to do cardio and "cross-train" (which for me is yoga and classes TBD).

  2. many congrats on the landing the second job! I keep telling myself I am gonna start exercising but I still havent. I need someone to force me to do it otherwise I am gonna sit on my butt and eat chips.

  3. well, this second job certainly is keeping you too busy to blog. dislike!

  4. Very good article. Congratulations.

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