Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Neapolitan Ice Cream...


As I was staring at this outfit in the mirror, I kept thinking that it looked like something.  Then it hit me, neopolitan ice cream.  However, I don't know who would want to eat gray ice cream...  but let's just pretend, okay? 

The weather here in Nashville has been warming up a little bit so I opted to roll up my pants and show off those milky white ankles! I also LOVE these mauve/pink jeans.  They have a great detail on the back pocket (which is why there is a picture of me from the side, because well posting a picture of my butt would be weird... way weird).  Wearing colored jeans can be a huge risk and a little difficult.  I paired these with a subdued color palate and then oomphed the color with a sparkly scarf.  To be honest, these jeans had no hanger appeal.  I was with Sam and he picked them up and encouraged me to try them on because he really liked the color.  I was still only slightly convinced but got them anyways.  Now, I love them.  I love pairing them with neutral colors because it makes me just feel pretty. 

Top: Target from 3 years ago
Jeans: thrifted, Clothing X-change (local Nashville resale shop)
Shoes: random store in Wicker Park, Chicago
Scarf: Urban Outfitters (I think...)


  1. The colors just flowed together so naturally, Alyson! Love this outfit on you!

  2. Anonymous5:39 AM

    Very cute scarf, love the colors!



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