Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Tan oxfords anyone?

Okay, I haven't been looking THAT hard for a pair of these, but I have been looking.  I looked in thrift stores and what not, and I checked Ebay.  I wear a size 9 shoe and it is difficult to find "vintage" or "thrifted" size 9's because its just not popular.  I used to hate my feet.  I would buy flared jeans because they made my feet look smaller.  This is the same issue I have with skinny jeans as well  Often, I would like them to fit a little more straight than skinny because my feet look huge (or at least I perceive them to look huge). 

Skinny jeans were hard for me to find anyways.  I have big feet, muscular calves, and I'm a little on the short side, 5'5' on a good day.  I love the look of skinny jeans, but can rarely find ones that look great on me.  This is why you will often see me sporting boot cut jeans as opposed to skinny jeans. 

So I got on a skinny jean tangent to finally be able to release this little nugget of info.  I had been holding these shoes hostage on ebay (I'm really good at ebay).  They are a pair of Naturalizer Tan Oxfords in a size 9!  Yes!  Sorry I didn't talk about them before but there could have been another oxford searcher, with size 9 feet out there. 

They are on their way from Chicago, but I'm way excited and can't wait to start wearing them this winter and into the spring paired with dresses, tights, shorts, skirts, and pants!

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  1. Hi Alyson! I wouldn't have known that you wore a size 9! your feet don't look all the long from your other pics. Post pics of you wearing the Naturalizers soon?

    Gosh, I've always wanted to sew. My problem is finding the time to learn!



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