Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shedding Some Years

Well maybe not so much years, but shedding some of the past few months.  After my first two days of working at my new job, I realize it is time to shed these past few months that have been nothing but hell.  However, I wouldn't take them back for anything.  Just a lot of growth and a lot of growing up.  I can definitely say, I no longer feel like a child.  I definitely feel like an adult after having to deal with so much.  I will not let the actions of others (and nature) be an excuse for me to become angry, bitter, or sad. 

So I got my hair cut!  Not too drastically different... just enough to feel new.  I'll have pictures posted tomorrow!

Sweater: Delias
Dress: American Eagle
Necklace: Shop Idee's Closet
Knee Socks: We Love Colors
Boots: Anthropologie


  1. I have that dress in green :)

  2. yep, i know what you mean about feeling like a grown up. it's not as fun as you imagined when you're a kid, right? however, there is def something to be said for being older and wiser!!! :)

    i want those knee socks!

  3. I love that look of high boots with socks poking out! It just looks so cozy. Someday I will find the perfect pair to fit over my crazy calves with room to spare for socks...but until then you'll just have to keep looking cute enough for the both of us! :)

  4. cute necklace, glad you are "letting go" of some negative stuff, it can only bring good things

  5. Adorable necklace! And those boots are great. I'm looking for a pair like that myself, they look so versatile. - Katy

  6. I like the look of the socks peeking out a bit. Adds a little extra colour and flair!

  7. best of luck with the new job! your hair looks great! I love your outfit too! I used to have that same dress, but I sold it a while ago.

  8. such a cute outfit - i love the dress! post again soon, i get so much inspiration from your outfits! xo

  9. Loved the little elepghant.



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