Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Remember that time

... That I didn't blog for a week because I hadn't made time to take pictures of my outfits?]
....That I lost my camera cord?
...That I really need to clean me room?
.... That I was a week away from going an entire year without buying clothing?

All of these things happened today... so you really should remember the time that happened.

As soon as I find my cord to upload my pictures to my computer... trust me... you'll see me in some clothes (old ones at that).


  1. ugh i just tried to comment but dont think it went through. said something like...

    are you going to go on a crazy shopping spree when the time comes? or slowly introduce shopping, one item at a time?

    hope you find your cord!

  2. A week away! Crazy! You are superhuman.



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