Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Road Trip, Lawrenceburg, KY

When you live in Nashville, it is always such a treat to take a little road trip out of town.  Road trips are one of the main things I miss about my college days and living in Texas.  I can honestly say I went on a road trip of some sort at least once a month if not twice.  I love discovering small towns with great places and fun things to do.  When Sam revealed to me that for Valentine's Day he wanted me to take him to the Wild Turkey Distillery, I was thrilled.  I love planning little road trips and finding fun stuff to do in different towns.  Yesterday we set out at 9 AM for Lawrenceburg, KY part of what is referred to as "The Bourbon Trail" .  I will be honest, I am not really a bourbon drinker, however Sam is.  For his birthday last year, I got him a bottle of Noah's Mill.  He likes to drink Wild Turkey, Bulliet, etc.  We arrived in Lawrenceburg around lunch time.  I had researched a light lunch option and a heavier lunch option.  I am glad we went with the lighter lunch option because it was amazing.  If you have the chance, please have the grilled cheese at Talk of the Town... it is amazing.

From there we headed to the Wild Turkey Distillery.  Unfortunately we were not able to go on a tour because of the snow.  There was quite a bit of treacherous snow on the ground, as you can see here:

And, I don't post a lot of pictures of Sam, but I asked his permission and here he is.  In the background of the picture you can see where the hold all the barrels allowing the bourbon to age.  I am all knowledgable about bourbon now because I watched a video.

From here we made our way down the road the the Four Roses Distillery where he had the chance to take a few outfit photos of me.



After I took these I asked Sam, "Do I look cold in these pictures?"  He said of course not and you know what, you would have no idea that right across from me was this:

That is supposed to be a fountain... yeah.  It looks more like frozen cauliflower Christmas tree decoration.

Overall, we had SO much fun.  I want to post more about the dinner Sam cooked for me that night, but that will be a part two.  I wanted to make sure that I was wearing something warm and comfortable.  However, I have been so sick of wearing long sleeves.  After looking at images of Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky wearing short sleeves in Alaska none the less, I said to myself, "I will wear short sleeves."  I am actually really glad I did because it got rather warm in the car, and I stayed pretty comfortable.  Even though it was in the 20s, I stayed pretty warm.  I was stoked to have the chance to wear this tank top from Lizzy Brookes that my roommate bought for me last fall or summer.  I love the attention to detail Lisa from Lizzy Brookes puts into the clothing she makes.  And it is all incredibly beautiful.

Headband: Target
Black Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Tank: Lizzy Brookes, etsy
Belt: Thrifted Buffalo Exchange
Jeans: Express
Socks: Target
Boots: Anthropologie

Why the gold belt you might ask?  It was Fat Tuesday and Mardi Gras yesterday, that's why.

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  1. Woo hoo! I loved seeing you in this tank :) I mailed your package out yesterday, so be looking for it- I can't wait to hear how you like everything!!!

  2. Thanks for visiting Lawrenceburg and writing about it! And Talk of the Town does rock!!



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