Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Inspiration - Led Zeppelin

As a kid, I was more likely to be able to sing along to Tom Petty than say Sesame Street.  My parents listened to classic rock in the car, and are pretty big music fans themselves.  It was only natural, that I inherit that too.  I was dancing and twirling to Eric Clapton and The Beatles while most of my friends were jamming out to the latest Amy Grant tune. 

This weekend I was cooking some soup and listening to Led Zeppelin, one of the albums Sam got me for Christmas.  It was also laundry day, so I was forced to wear some pretty radical flares that I bought while I was working at the Gap a few years.  I decided to run with it and pull an entire 60's vibe.  It is funny how putting a scarf around your head can make you feel like you are in a different time period entirely.  I didn't really go out of the house like this, only with the flares on.  I looked oh so 2006. 


(Ha!  You can totally see Sam in this picture.  His debut!)
Top: Old Navy (old old old too)
Jeans: Gap (back when I worked there)
Headscarf: Forever 21
Wooden necklace: Kayce Hughes
Shoes (even though you can barely see them): Urban Outfitters

These jeans make me want to dye them and slim down the legs a little bit.  What do you think?  I always liked the color though, so maybe just slim down the legs.

Oh, and I wanted to leave you with a little taste of what I was listening to that day.  Check out this video, oh soooo amazing!

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  1. Ty!^^
    I bought those pants in Trend
    Beautiful scarf!




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