Thursday, January 07, 2010

My take on 1960's Europe

On Sunday, I went to see Nine with a friend.  I was absolutely floored by the beautiful, creative...  STUNNING costumes used throughout the whole movie.  I was afraid that I would not be able to transition Daniel Day Lewis from his role in There Will Be Blood ("I drink your milkshake!"), but that was silly.  He was amazing.  Penelope Cruz was fantastic; I cannot recall a more outrageous character for her.  She is usually so demure and a little shy, but she was amazing to watch on screen.  Another stunner in the film was Marion Cotillard.  I was totally inspired by her look in the film.  When not with her husband, Guido Contini, she was wearing high waisted pants and sweet cardigans.

Fortunately I had the goods to pull off a look like this.


I wanted to pair this pretty yellow cardigan with just my jeans.  The flower is a pin that I got for cheap during Sarah Jessica Parker's reign as Gap's face, and I just wanted to give the sweater an extra little pop of color.  I wanted to make this outfit simple.  However, as you may not be able to tell in these pictures, it was like... what... 17 degrees outside.  No way was I going to be able to keep warm at the office, so I opted for a long sleeved shirt layered underneath.  You can totally tell how cold I am in that last one...  I had to go back inside for a bit before snapping more pictures.

Cardigan: Target, 3-4 years ago
Long sleeve T: Target,  3-4 years ago
Pin: Gap, 5 years ago?
Skinnies: Express
Shoes: Urban Outfitters

What I love about this outfit though is that the pieces are absolute staples in my wardrobe.  I don't know why I never wear this cardigan closed, I typically wear it open with a dress or a flowy tank.  I love how it evokes a completely different feeling when it is buttoned up completely.  New Year's Eve I was having a really tough time because I just wanted to put something that felt new.  I wanted to make a skirt, however with my sewing machine still in repair (UUUUGGGHHHH!!!!) I couldn't.  I tried on a combination of so many things, but it was either not warm enough or too dressy.  I wasn't sure of the dress for the party I went to, and I ended up just wanting to crawl under the covers of my bed and have someone wake me up in 2010. 

I am contemplating cutting myself off from buying shoes as well.  I hate feeling like I have so little or have no options, when I really have so so so much.  I am trying to figure out a concrete reminder of what I have...  that its not just the same clothes over and over and over.  That I have so much, and that wearing a repeat isn't wrong.  That I have a lot of GREAT pieces that all work together REALLY well and that I love wearing and that are so incredibly flattering.

I want my sewing machine fixed.  BAD.  Waiting on one little part to come in the mail, hopefully it will show up today.


  1. Thanks for the reminder of how I can make my own seemingly worn-out wardrobe fresh and new! I have a pin like that and can't wait to give it another try on a cute cardigan! Missing you, sweet friend.

  2. That brooch is the perfect touch!



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