Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Online Store Feature: Perpetual Kid

Are you a unique gift giver? I love giving unique and odd gifts that are special, usually comical, and downright AWESOME! Well, I am about to let you in on a little secret of mine and its called Perpetual Kid. I could most likely blog for an entire month about all the amazing things on this site, but I wanted to pick some of my favorites.

The company I work for is really unique and "anti-corporate". This year I was in charge of coming up with the client Christmas gifts. We wanted these to be a reflection of who we are as a company so we really needed something unique and funny. I got 25 packages of Inanimate Character Stickers for our clients to personify their staplers, computers, printers, coffee mugs and basically anything you want to put a face on. They were a huge hit around our office and with our clients too.

I love this coffee cup. It mocks the coffee cups that can be found all over New York but they are ceramic. Hooray for being reusable! Also, if you purchase 4 or more "We Are Happy To Serve You" Ceramic Coffee Mugs you can receive a 10% discount just use the discount code MUGS when you check out.

You know you think this every time either you or someone else pulls out their reusable bag at the grocery store. Its a subtle, "I know I'm better than you". You can now pack your groceries with a smug smirk and ironic Better Than You Shopping Bag.

My boyfriend Sam has aptly named his recording studio Bow and Arrow Studios. He is incredibly proud of his heritage which is Oglala Sioux from South Dakota. He picked up a light switch cover wrapped in vintage native american wall paper at a local market and I am dying to get him one of these Animal Frienldy Cardboard Bison Busts. They also have deer, moose, and a rhino as well. I have seen these featured in sneak peeks of people's homes and absolutely loved them.

This is just a small taste of what Perpetual Kid has to offer. You might end up spending too much time on their site, but I don't think they would mind. Also, they have this thing with finger puppet monsters. You get one with every order, and well, they are awesome!

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