Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Four minutes

Oh the things I do for my blog...  I was running incredibly behind yesterday morning.  I had exactly four minutes to take pictures, bundle up, and then jet off to work.  I was actually surprised that any of the four shots I got turned out.

So I have a new pose, its the "turn to the side and lift my heel pose".  You can't see what I'm wearing, but I look pretty.  Ya know, this outfit could have easily fit into my no shopping phase.  Is it weird that I describe my closet as pre-no shopping and post-no shopping?  I noticed I have been wearing a lot of my new clothes and not a lot of my pre-no shopping clothes.  That isn't true actually, I have been wearing a lot of my pre-no shopping clothes, I just don't photograph them.  It has definitely been interesting analyzing my habits of wearing or not wearing clothing since my year ended.  My mind races through reasons behind why I excitedly wear my new duds and just wear my old duds.  There is an excitement there, when wearing new clothes.  I wish I just felt great because I look great.

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Shirt: vintage, gift
Skirt: Made by me
Bird belt: Fred Flare
Tights: Mocha Tights c/o We Love Colors (they surprised me with an additional pair of these tights!)
Shoes: Etienne Aigner


  1. I tend to hold off on wearing new things which is the exact opposite of when I was younger. I'm not sure why... more analysis is needed :)

  2. Love the new pose and the color combo!

  3. great new pose! loving your belt

  4. love the mix of the two pinks. and your new pose haha! i always end up with extra photos of me looking silly trying not to do the same pose, but you found a nice one!

  5. beautiful pictures, love your blog:)

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  6. Very cute blog!



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