Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Although, sadly, my Valentine has to work tonight, I will be enjoying a few things that just make Valentine's Day special.


What kind of girl doesn't love chocolate?  Olive and Sinclair chocolate is made in my neighborhood in East Nashville.  They have the best labels, and their chocolate is seriously tasty.  Salt and Pepper is my favorite.


Valentine's Day is a great day to wear something red, or to buy something red.  I bought a red crock pot on Sunday and I fully intend on using today to make myself a tasty dinner.  Which I'll enjoy drinking some red wine and watching the Bachelor, where he gives out red roses.


I think this statement soap from Kala Style says it all.  Also, it smells AMAZING.  I picked it up this weekend while Sam and I headed to the Green Wagon to pick up some kombucha and just enjoy the fantastic weather.

When we show love to others, we bring something beautiful to them.  I hope that today, whether you have a Valentine or if you are appreciating your single-hood, you can be surrounded and reminded of Love. 

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. love it! my valentine will be working with yours. sounds like you have a lovely evening planned. i may take some tips from you!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day buddy!!!!!!!!! Sorry to hear Sam has to work :( boo
    This is the first year in a LONG LONG time that I'm actually getting to celebrate, I finally have a NICE SWEET boyfriend as compared to some of the others in the past that refuse to acknowledge such occasions...I'll be having dinner cooked for me and then I'll bust out the vegan treats I'm picking up on my way home from work-YUM!
    Anyway-hope your day is awesome, and you should take pics of your meal being cooked in the red crockpot, I like that its RED!

  3. hope your day is lovely and filled with chocolate and love :)



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