Monday, September 13, 2010

Over the Highway

Hi All! This is Lauren from Sparrow & Urchin filling in for Alyson while she's off on a late summer vacation. I'm so jealous! She was so kind to ask me to do a guest post, it's my first! I'm so excited! Alyson is such a sweet girl and I was drawn to her blog because I could relate, I have clothes and sometimes I don't know how to reinvent my wardrobe. She's been a great inspiration so I wanted to create an outfit that hopefully inspires others!!

One thing about me is that I love sewing, and love Alyson's idea for 10 sewn projects in 100 days ideas, so here is my own weekend sewing project: a Grecian tunic.

So here's what you need to create this tunic, it only took a couple hours and can be dressed up and is still comfy enough to sit around the house. For my fabric I used a remnant I had bought from a fabric store, it's a silk crepe so it would be really flowy. I only needed about a yard.

To start I first measured how big I wanted the tunic, I wanted it about to my elbows and at least 27" long (the zippers length), after I cut out two rectangles which with my measurements were 40 inches wide by 30 inches long. I cut one rectangle in half for the back and sewed on the zipper. Then I faced the two rectangles face to face and sewed the top leaving about 12 inches in the middle open for my head (important). Then sewed the sides leaving again about 12 inches open at the top for my arms (that's important too!). After that I turned the shirt right side out and figured out where I wanted my waist and cut slits on the front and back for a belt or sash... And voila! You have a homemade Grecian tunic. I hope my instructions were understandable :D

And of course what this blog is all about, this outfit only cost the cost of the fabric, probably around $10.
The leggings were a gift awhile ago
I found the boots in my mom's basement (there from my sister's highschool days),
The belt is one of my Grandma's and the necklace was also hers.
There you go, a new outfit for free!

Thanks so much Alyson for having me as a guest poster on your blog, I wish her safe travels, hopefully traffic isn't bad!! Later!


  1. love this tunic and how you tied the look together! what i especially love about the tunic is its easy-going feel contrasted with the amazing detail of the zipper down the back. it adds that little something that makes it pop. great guest post! : )

  2. What a great Do-It-Yourself project!

  3. I loved seeing you on here, Lauren!!! And this blog is an amazing concept. It inspired me to get out my sewing machine tomorrow!

  4. Love this DIY project. The shirt is totally adorable and I could see it having the ability to create a lot of different outfits. - Katy



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