Tuesday, September 14, 2010

style envy

hello there!
my name is paige...

typically, you can find me over at barefoot & vintage.
as you all know, alyson is on vacation. but before she left, she asked me to guest post in her absence.

unfortunately, i don't have a theme, a funny story, a rad DIY, etc...
but since i totally dig alyson's style, i thought i'd share a few of my favorite looks from her collection.

(this photo of her and sam is ridiculously adorable, don't you think??)

as you can tell, i'm a rather simple girl...i love stripes (who doesn't?), a great blazer, and basic pieces...oh yeah, and a little funk mixed in never hurt anyone. ;)

i totally admire alyson's "no shopping for a year challenge", but that's about all i can do...admire it. from afar. ha!
there's just no way i could do it! but somehow, she's managed to make it work and still look so great. bravo, darlin'!

one more thing before i go...
i'm offering a giveaway over at mousevox vintage...click the link for more details!
you can head straight over to barefoot & vintage on etsy to peruse the shop.

alyson, thanks so much for asking me to fill in while you're off, flirting with the florida sun.

ps. don't forget the sunscreen and watch out for alligators!!

and to her dear readers...thanks for tuning in!

xo, paige


  1. i esp. love that military jacket! i saw someone recently with a military inspired cardigan and i was thinking that would be a fun DIY project...turn an old cardigan into something new with some roping or button embellishments. i am going to keep brainstorming...this could be fun!

  2. Cute post. I admire her no shopping for a year too but have yet to try it out for myself

  3. Anonymous4:13 PM

    hmm i've decided that if you told me that you two are sisters or cousins i'd believe you. that's my two cents.

  4. great job!! i have never been here before, strangely enough. thanks for introducing me to a new blog!!! and paige, you're anything but simple. the things you do with a scarf are SIMPLY genius!

  5. oh, I admire the no shopping for a year resolution! no way I could do that :/

  6. nice blog! love military jacket!
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