Thursday, September 23, 2010

On Commemoration of Fall

I love how this first shot in this series looks so hopeful, the second a little silly and the third one is total hot-face.  I definitely was feeling the edgy librarian today.  However pictures of this dress don't really do it justice.  It has a beautiful movement to it that a digital picture simply cannot capture.  When you walk, the fabric flutters in the moving air.  I felt beautiful.

Have I talked about the basement of the building I work in at my temp job?  I think I have mentioned that my building is absolutely confusing.  How confusing?  Well, to continue down what should be a single hallway, you walk down the hallway until it dead ends, turn to your left go through a door, then take a right through another door, take a right go through another door, and then take another left through another set of doors.  The basement however is just creepy.  I was warned my first time going to the basement that there is a man that drives around and be careful he might hit you, but music is playing and that's how you know to look for him.  The one thing missing from that equation is that he has a knife and will stab you because he is the ghost of Cornelius Vanderbilt. 

Dress: vintage, courtesy of Leproust Vintage
Necklace: gift from Africa
Belt: super old from Target
Shoes: MICHAEL Michael Kors from Beacon's Closet

Okay I can't leave this post talking about being stabbed by a ghost.  Even that creeps me out.  So here is a sad little plea.  Please check out my mark. store sometime this week... I need money... so I can eat and I really cannot part with any of my clothes.

And.... its THURSDAY! 


  1. I like the neutral palette!

  2. That dress is fantastic, and I gotta say I wish I had your hair. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. You look absolutely beautiful, I'm glad you felt that way! I love the all neutrals, they just look so lady-like and pretty on you.

    And I have chills thinking about that basement. Weird. Carry pepper spray.

  4. i just looked at the "mark" store thing. i dont understand it! if i buy that awesome salmon colored bag - do you get paid somehow? (i hope so!) let me know!


  5. Good to see some clothes on you! wait that didn't sound right :)

    You look great, I really like the dress. And your description of the building even confused me. Now that's one confusing place haha. Sounds like the basement of my apartment in Detroit... chills

    Sparrow & Urchin

  6. What a gorgeous outfit!



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