Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall 2010 Accessories Round Up

A few things have been making me itch lately.  Not in the "I need benadryl" way, more in the "I NEED to shop" way.  Which is really only because Fashion Week has thrown up all over bloggy land, and then the fall collections have thrown up in the stores.  Meanwhile, Nashville is still agonizing in 90 degree weather which makes the mere thought of wearing tights a little nauseating.

I'm not buying clothes until my birthday (duh) BUT in July, I stopped buying accessories and shoes and bags and was only going to do that until the end of August.  But then I got laid off, and buying anything seems just a little silly.  So mixed in with my dreams of finding the perfect job, are dreams of beautiful fall accessories.  Mostly shoes, but a few other fun things mixed in.

I know it is silly to describe it like this but it is almost like my soul is yearning for a new accessory.  I can feel it deep in the pit of my stomach and I just cannot stop looking.  The only purchase I have made of fashion is one pair of socks that were out of necessity because I forgot my socks when Sam and I were going to go bowling.


I'm a Texas girl, always have and always will be no matter where I live, and having the Lone Star state dangling over my heart would bring so much joy and pride.  I know how much Texans love Texas can get annoying, but blame it on the Texas school system that makes you take Texas History for 3 years.

All from We Love Colors

 Yes, that is a lot of tights, but my collection of tights is a little low this season.  A lot of them have gotten snagged and I just need a refreshment of sorts.  I want the mint green ones in a pattern though and We Love Colors offers them in a great zig zag pattern that I think would be incredible to wear during the fall and winter.

Flats and Pumps
kensiegirl jessie -

The more kensiegirl shoes I see Mel wear, the more I wanted to look and see what all they had available.  These are my absolute favorites of their flats and pumps.  Those cranberry beauties would pair perfectly with tights for the fall and winter months.  The leopard print flats would look great with skinny jeans or skinny black cigarette trousers.  I have also been tragically looking for a pair of peep toe black flats with a little bit of edge and well, the justine certainly has that!

if money were no problem jeffrey campbell lace-up boot

Last year I bought some serious boots from Anthropologie and I am still ravenously in love.  However, I would also like a pair of lace up booties and bad ass looking black boots.  I love the Jeffrey Campbell ones, but ya know the Deena and Ozzy ones will do.

I was chatting on the twitter yesterday how much I have been wanting a tote bag with a long shoulder strap.  They are so easy to carry even though often I stuff them full of crap I do not need and my shoulder is killing me by the end of the day.

What are your picks for fall accessories?


  1. fellow texas girl here! love that necklace

  2. i just bought a seriously cute (and afforable) texas charm necklace last weekend!

    the designer is really sweet and she actually added a wishbone charm to my necklace for a slight markup. she doesn't have the texas charm on her etsy site right now, but you might try emailing her...

  3. i've been contemplating getting a texas charm necklace ever since i saw a picture of jessica simpson & eva longoria wearing them. they're so cute. and i didn't even know the texas love was annoying to others until about a year ago. i definitely think all the texas history classes are to blame.

  4. That bag is gorgeous.

  5. I love those kensiegirl shoes! My favorite fall accessory is probably a scarf. I just bought the coolest one from World Market the other week that gets a million compliments whenever I wear it. And you're completely right about Nashville weather right now! My officemate said it should be in the 70s next week but I'll believe it when I see it:)

  6. Anonymous6:25 PM

    solid list! i love the purple pumps and the jeffrey campbells (i'm such a shoe-addict) :) xx

  7. Anonymous2:01 PM

    my boss got me a Texas charm necklace as a farewell gift from believe it or not James Avery!

    Miss you mucho and Carson misses you too!



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