Thursday, July 01, 2010

Coming back to the 21st Century

Finally, my new house has internet.  Hopefully only a few more days until my wireless router graces my front steps and then I can blog in bed, or the bathroom, or the front yard, or while sitting on my couch watching Wipeout!

Hey what do you know... a shirt tucked into a skirt.  How stinkin' original?  If you follow any other Nashville bloggers, or if you live in the deep south area... then you know how incredibly hot it has been in Tennessee.  It honestly, feels like Austin or Houston here! So when you work in an office, and its hot outside, and really you want to wear your swim suit to work and sit in a baby pool...  you can't really do that.  This is why there has been so much shirt tucked into skirt going on here.  I don't really mind clothes touching my body, but I cannot stand clothes that are tight in the bust area when its hot.  This is why I love wearing t-shirts more than anything.

Also, my shirt says "Don't Give Up", not "Don't Give".  Don't Give sounds really awful.  I like giving.

And my final comment, I am slightly obsessed with slight waves in my hair.  For years I struggled to get the perfect waves and thought I could do it with a bunch of mouse and gel and shmutz.  I mean, I had an entire SYSTEM.  It started in the shower, I would first comb all of my hair forward, and start scrunching it as the conditioner was being washed out.  Then, I would continue to scrunch it as I towel dried my hair.  I would then put mousse or gel in it, and then wrap it up in a towel on my head.  Finally I would dry with a diffuser and on some days it would work and then some days it would NOT work. This isn't the case.  I do this with a tool you probably already have in your arsenal.  I have not filmed it yet, but I will have a tutorial up very soon.

Don't Give Up Shirt: Print Liberation (remixed here and here)
Green wrap skirt: Kayce Hughes (side note on this skirt, this skirt is one size fits all and its AMAZING, one of the most flattering skirts I own)
Pearl necklace: Forever 21
Flower clips: H&M
Beaded sandals: Target


  1. Hi there - new reader to your blog - really like the casual but dressy vibe of this outfit! And love that necklace!

  2. Amberly Culver10:27 PM

    I need that hair trick now!! lol it looks awesome!

  3. Anonymous10:45 PM

    Touche. Only thing, maybe if the shirt said "don't give a hoot"

    that woulda been rad. like the movie.

  4. that skirt is awesome!

  5. That necklace is fantastic and I adore the skirt!

    Your comment about the shirt saying "Don't Give" made me giggle. :)

  6. Bahaha, I noticed the "Don't give" thing when we were at the Bell House but I guess I got too distracted looking at the cute tattooed bartender that I didn't bring it up! I'm glad you captured it though. "Don't Give" what a bold statement!



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