Friday, July 02, 2010

A little bit Rock N Roll

I am not really sure what era this outfit is reminiscent of but I will say this, I could not have been happier.  It's a little rock and roll on top and then a little Mexican lady on the bottom, and then a whole lotta va-va-voom on the face! 

This skirt is a little big on me.  But, its so wonderful that I simply cannot part with it.  Perhaps I should just take it in an inch and then it would be perfect.  The linen on it has been washed so many times its super soft. 

Maybe you are wondering, maybe you aren't but yes, I did tie my shirt.  In fact actually, I balled it up in a bun and wrapped a ponytail around it.  I probably haven't done that since I was 8 years old but it gives a little character to my otherwise boring uniform of t-shirts and skirts. 

I should have a post up on Monday, but I do have some fun stuff planned for July 4th.  These plans include drinking too much wine and playing with fireworks.  I mean come on, drinking and explosives are great together!

Beatles T-shirt: Forever 21
Red linen skirt: Buffalo Exchange, Austin, TX
Shoes: Pumps, Clothing Xchange


  1. Love this outfit!! Red lips are the perfect accent to it-- well done!

  2. Amberly Culver2:22 PM

    cute cute cute! love the red lips as well! Can't wait to hang out with you on the fourth!

  3. LOVE IT. Please wear that lipstick everyday, OK?

  4. Okay. I love this. And you look great with red lipstick on.

    I didn't even notice the tie until I read the full post, either.

  5. The first thing I noticed was the tie- love it!

  6. So I normally don't comment on blogs but I just had to say that I love love this outfit. I wish I had that skirt.

  7. I love the t-shirt, and the red lipstick looks truly amazing on you!

  8. you wear that look with such attitude. i love it. gorgeous. x

  9. Love the red lips on you!

  10. Anonymous1:38 PM

    I really dig this! The makeup looks great. The shirt is cute and I love how the shoes tie it all in. A+

  11. Girl, you look hot! My goodness! I am loving the pops of red! How have you been? I have been meaning to catch up with you!

  12. Love the red lipstick!

    xoxo Birgitte

  13. Somebody is WORKING that red lipstick. Red lipstick is one of my favorite reasons to be pale. (That and prematurely wrinking are tied.)

  14. I often wish I had a little Mexican lady on the bottom....

    Also, I'm glad to know that you didn't in fact blow yourself up on the 4th.

    ...seeing as how I am writing this from the future.

    Also (again)- I think you convinced me to pull out this heinous red skirt that I have. It's got a lot of rick-rack upon itself and I am afraid to wear it. But I like the idea of a little rock on the top. Nicely done, lady.


  15. That lipstick is perfection! Yes. Yes, it is.
    -Indiana@Adored Austin.



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