Thursday, June 24, 2010

The one and only New York outfit post

Let's please overlook the fact that yes, this is the exact same pose, and yes my leg looks all gumby-like for some reason.  Oh, and a special note to my mother, "No I'm not smiling, but I had just walked 8+ blocks in brand new flip flops, I was tired."  Besides, I felt like giving a little attitude to the camera.

Thank you so much for everyone putting in their $0.02 on my paint color.  I still have no idea, but I may be going for something a little more calming... but it also might be pink.  (My colors will be blush and bashful.)  If you don't know that movie reference... I feel really bad for you.

Also, just to notice... what is this whole shirt tucking in binge I have been on lately?  Did the hall monitor get on to me and make me go to the principals office?* 

I am anxious to get my room painted that way I can finally decorate and organize, and then I can start sewing.  I am having a MAJOR sewing itch and it needs to be scratched!  Its either that or I put my Mood bag in the closet, behind my boots, tights, sweaters, and everything else that should not see the light of day in the summer.  (by the way, I don't understand how some girls wear tights in the summer.  I can barely wear jeans right now as you can see I haven't worn jeans since New York, let alone tights.  100 degrees + tights = heat stroke)

*I was only sent to the principal's office twice for what I was wearing.  Once was in jr high when I wore some shorts that were a little on the short side but I had really long monkey arms, and it was the last day of school.  The second time, this witch of an assistant principal we had said my sleeveless shirt (which I wore on a regular basis mind you) was not wide enough on my shoulders.  I told her that I had a sweater I would go put on over it but she said, "You won't keep it on, I don't trust you."  You could only imagine how pissed off I was and how much I wanted to tell her off.  Proof that high school is STUPID.  Anyways, I had to wear this giant striped polo shirt with my khaki trousers and brown chunky platforms.


  1. Hilary Smith11:56 AM

    Shut up! This might be my favorite outfit you've worn yet. Also, you look hot. Can I say that? And lastly, your legs do not look gumby-like! And second lastly, I totally saw you walking down McGavock the other day - are you living in East Nashville now? I've been dog sitting there all week. I wanted to honk but I didn't want to freak you out.

  2. Oh you know I was sooooooooooooo being snarky with my mention of rooftop posing girls, I think we all know what I was getting at. And oh yeah, i sooooooooooooooooo plan on doing "Thee pose" one of these days and I'll be sure to let you in on the laugh when it all goes down :)

    Ok, so I have similar principle office/outfit stories. No correction, I have just one story, because I was a goody-goody in school so I never got in trouble. I know, obnoxious right? Anyway, the one and only time I "got in trouble" wasn't trouble at all, it was just the one and only detention I was ever handed-and it was for NOT HAVING PLEATS in my PANTS in highschool (stupid catholic school uniforms)! Sseriously...sooooooooooooo ridiculous. My mom laughed, if that's the worse her daughter could do in terms of trouble at school then she had it made.

  3. bahaha. You crack me up. Oh, and just so you know that we are on the same page.... Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion. <3

    Promise me that if you don't end up sewing, you will at least show the mood fabrics. All we have is an old lady Joanne Fabrics here, and I am dying for some inspiration.

  4. Anonymous10:37 AM

    Dude, I'm sad I didn't get to shoot you. With a camera not a gun.



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