Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fashion Goes Interior - Home Tour Before

Before I started moving all of my stuff into my new house, I snapped up a few photos of it completely empty.  And no, my photos don't give the place justice.   The tour starts in my living room, goes into my bedroom (well hello macaroni and cheese colored wall!), bathroom, and then finally some shots of my kitchen. 

And this, well I've named him Gordon.  Gordon will watch over and protect my house, yard, and garden when I get around to planting some stuff.  I am having some difficulty hanging art, mostly because I need to decide where to put art in the living room and my room.  Also the walls are plaster, which if you have ever lived in an older home with plaster walls, they are IMPOSSIBLE to nail into.  I am hopefully going to paint my bedroom this weekend once I decide on a color.  I am going back and forth between going for something dramatic or something calming and soothing.  The color of my bedroom in my old house was a beautiful soothing blue, with the lights off and the natural light it was incredibly tranquil.  However, the idea of having a dramatic color in my room sounds incredibly appealing.  To give you a taste, the color I am considering is called Bold Sangria... (and I love sangria).

This weekend I hope to get things cleaned up enough to take some "in the process" photos. What do you think I should do?  Tranquil or dramatic? (for the record, my bedroom furniture is pretty neutral in whites, grays and light woods.  My dresser is gray and pale yellow and my bedding is white and gray).


  1. dramatic. if it's too much, you can always repaint.

  2. your furniture/bedding is just asking to be accented with a dramatic color! i looked up "bold sangria" and love it -- it's dark enough that it could be tranquil when you want to go to sleep, but just bright enough for that pop of color. i know you've already thought about this, but i will say that the dark color may be a little shocking once you have it on the wall, if you're used to being surrounded by something lighter [coming from the girl whose bedroom used to have brown walls].

  3. Personally, I would shy away from a bold color in the bedroom. Bold Sangria sounds awesome for a kitchen, though! I'm glad you're starting to get settled in!

  4. i would go with the color of a river in austria, a calming aqua. something that will add some color and not be too boring, but something that is restful for the eyes.

  5. so do you post everyday?



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