Sunday, May 16, 2010

Six Months, No Clothes Bought

Today is a day of celebration.  Today is the day that marks six months without a single purchase of clothing.  Why does it feel like these last six months have literally flown by? 

Also, something strange has definitely happened.  On Thursday, I asked my sweet friend Adrienne if I could raid her closet before my trip (more on that later). She of course obliged, and as I was looking through her clothes (which she has GREAT clothes by the way), I began to long for my own closet.  I missed my long black sweater cardigan and my salmon silk scarf.  Then, I started crying! 

I could only settle on borrowing a single jacket and some scarves and knew that I would have to go to my storage unit that houses my clothes at the moment and just grab what I wanted.  This morning, I prepped myself with some tape and a box cutter to cut through the tape.  Can I just say that the shorty wardrobe boxes from U-Haul were the best investment I have made in this whole moving thing?  Well, they are.  It is very strange the relationship I have with my closet right now.  I feel like now, I love every single item I own.  Be it t-shirt to jump suit...  it has been very difficult living my life without it. 

Well to commemorate my six months without buying clothing... I got a new hair style.  Straight across bangs, tousseled, layers...  soo me and so amazing.  I really think I have the best hair dresser in the world (for real Amanda!  You are the best!).  I have been parting my hair on the side with some sort of swoopy bang since my senior year of high school.  These bangs and center part are a huge change for me! 

So here is to six more months of falling into a deep passionate love affair with my closet full of all of its treasures!  Here is to six months of kicking a shopping addiction!  And let's be honest, here is to six more months of desperately window shopping. 

So a few things:

1.  I found a place to live.  (HOORAY!)  More on that as everything unfolds but I will say this... there is a garden gnome on the front porch that the landlord said, "Had to stay."
2.  I am going on vacation tomorrow to Chicago.  However, I still plan on updating the bloggy blog.
3.  I am so thankful for every single reader...  whether you comment or not...  I can see the numbers and it constantly blows me away how many people read what I have to say.  I am just so thankful and so blessed!

Pink ruffle camisole: Anthropologie
Gray cotton/cashmere blend cardigan: Gap
Cut offs: diy, fossil jeans from buffalo exchange
Camel sling back clogs: Antonio Melani from Dillards


  1. I've never commented before, but I just wanted to say congratulations on not buying any clothes for the last 6 months.

  2. congrats on 6 months of success! And I am happy to hear you've found a place to live also!

  3. also that hair looks great! I really love the straight across bangs on you. They frame your face so well!

  4. Have a wonderful time in Chicago! Cannot wait to hear about your new place!

  5. Your hair looks great! And congratulations on your 6 month milestone :) You've definitely inspired me to shop less and appreciate all of the great stuff that I already have.

  6. congrats on your 6 month---half way there! and your new hair style is really cute!

  7. I LOVE the hair! It really does suit you perfectly!

    I am very jealous of you being able to have straight across bangs, something my awful cowlick has never allowed me. :)

    Also, I love this outfit... the mix of dressy and jean shorts casual is great!

  8. Oh and for some reason when I comment on your blog on our MacBook - it works! Still doesn't work when I'm on a PC... weird....

  9. Congrats on your milestone!

    And that haircut is so flattering on you! You look great!

  10. the hair is PERFECT!!!!

  11. cheers for six months! that is an amazing accomplishment. Chicago (one of my favorite cities), new place to live, and a new cute hair cut!! things are looking good! Love, m.

  12. Anonymous8:19 PM

    So much to love here. The outfit is great. The hair is stylin' and congrats on SIX MONTHS!

    Have a wonderful trip. You deserve it!

  13. LOVE the bangs and center part! Great job on 6 months, you are an inspiration!

  14. I can't believe I missed this post until today. Where have I been? Congrats doll face. It's all down hill from here.

    So glad thou found a place, tat you and sammy are having a greta time in Chicago, and that you are sporting shorts and heels like a good southern girl.


  15. Anonymous9:31 PM

    I am so proud of you, 6 mos with buying clothes....I am amazed.

  16. Hey, Alyson - CONGRATULATIONS on getting through six months!! It is all down hill from here!:-) Your hair is beautiful - the straight across bangs are very attractive on you! I'm also glad you found a new place - you are going to have to name the gnome, you know!



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