Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the Navy

After several days of not washing my hair properly, I relented and finally just took a good healthy clean shower.  Oh it felt great, even though it was only 3 minutes long.  This is one of my FAVORITE dresses.  It is the easiest thing to wear and as you can see, I look pretty chic without any accessories.  Although its a blank canvas, it is one of those canvases that stands on its own.  I also wasn't sure where my necklaces were (don't worry I found them).

Special note, these shots were taken at a place that during the flood was steps away from being under water.  You can see a little bit of the outline of the downtown skyline in the background.  Dang it!  I love NASHVILLE!  The neighborhood I am in called Germantown and it is Nashville's oldest neighborhoods.  Founded by German immigrants, it is now one happenin' place!

Navy shirt dress: Gap
Gray Flip Flops: Borrowed from my friend Melissa.

Thanks to my dear sweet friend Melissa for taking these shots for me!  She did such a great job!


  1. You remind me of someone famous. I think that every time I see one of your outfit posts, and I still have not figured it out. Whoever it is must be attractive though in order to be famous... so high fives.

  2. Anonymous7:29 AM

    cute dress--seems really comfy too, like something to just throw on during the weekends

  3. Love the dress! Cool colour

  4. The actress you remind me of is in this movie called Gentleman Broncos. It freaking hilarious (to me anyway) and the whole time I was watching it I was thinking "I wonder is Alyson is an actress on the side?"

    So it was cool to read your non washing tips, although I am sorry you have to resort to it out of necessity. Hope the disaster in your area is cleared soon and that normal living resumes. Even though Not washing is actually a pretty cool new thing in my life and I am not even having water probs. Your tips list was really great! I just wear a hat everyday now, the lazy way. :) You look way cute and simply classy in this dress. Congrats on your continued Non shopping! 178 days is a really long time! great job!



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