Thursday, March 04, 2010

Take the temperature and double it, an homage to warmer weather

I gigged as I wrote that title, because I just got back from seeing Cop Out.  Tracey Morgan sure can make me laugh, oh my goodness.  Anyways he says that he is doing an homage but says it like hoe-mayj.  So funny.  Go see it or go rent it when it comes out on DVD.

A few days ago when this image popped up in an e-mail from Urban Outfitters, instinctively, I clicked until I found those rain boots.  This image made me want to lay out by the pool in my green polka dot swim suit, sip drinks on outdoor patios, and be out all night without a jacket or tights.  My favorite summer wardrobe is swim suit bottoms (or lets be honest just underwear) and a t-shirt.  Its one of those combinations that I just feel pretty and comfortable. 

My family is taking a trip to Florida in September and I am beyond stoked to be going to the beach.  Also, the house we are renting has an outdoor shower with hot and cold water... AND a juicer!  Sam and I longingly gaze at the juicers in the kitchen appliance aisle hoping that one day if we play our cards right, we will get one.  Some couples want a salad spinner or a pastry mixer...  we just want a juicer.   

I feel like, I have to be honest here.  So, I put together an outfit yesterday but from the beginning I didn't have a good feeling about it (which is mostly why I'm not sharing about it).  Like I said earlier, it was bone-chillingly cold yesterday and I am so done with the cold weather.  Anyways, I ended up hating everything about how I looked yesterday...  I felt frumpy and because I didn't wash my hair, a little gross.  Before I headed to the east side to go to Sam's house, I changed.  I put on my trusty cashmere gray sweater, skinny jeans, oxfords, and socks.  This outfit made me feel comfortable, sophisticated but most importantly WARM and I didn't take a picture of it because my hair still looked gross.  

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