Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Interview with Basse Mode

With the ongoing animosity between fashion journalists and fashion bloggers heating up, fashion is falling more into the hands of the customer and real people rather than the editorialists.  Even with the introduction of magazines like Lucky Magazine, fashionistas are no longer looking towards the publications that once were the pillar of the fashion industry.  We are wanting practical fashion at practical prices.  Fortunately, a group of fashion bloggers are rolling out a magazine called Basse Mode.  I had the chance to interview the creator and founder of Basse Mode, Lauren Cooke and her passion for this has only made me want to get involved more.

Where did the name Basse Mode come from?  Does it have any special meaning?
When we started thinking of the name for the magazine, we knew that we wanted something that symbolised what we stood for. We started off thinking about ideas around "real", but then realised that the real message running through the idea was the message about "low fashion". This sounded much better in French, and so the name of the magazine was born!

How did you become interested in fashion?
It was something of an accident. When I was younger I pretty much just wore what my mum dressed me in, and I never even considered that someone might judge someone on what they wore. Then I wore my flowery dungarees to school on a plain clothes day, and was mocked. I think this awakened my mind to the fact that what people looks like can actually change the responses they get from other people, which has disappointed me to this day. From that moment on, however, I started developing an interest in the inner workings and psychologies of the world of fashion - and almost by accident I discovered a love of shoes and my own personal style. I still don't buy into the whole trends thing, and think that fashion (as in the world of models etc) is absurd - but I have also discovered a way to dress like "me".

What designers or bloggers are you inspired by?
I started blogging because of Cie at Secondhand Shopper, and it was a while before I became fully immersed in the world of blogging. However, some of the bloggers that I got to know first of all (either personally or just vicariously through their blog) were Amber, Becki, Nubby and Fleur. I find them all inspiring both in terms of fashion, and in the loveliness that they portray!

How did Basse Mode get started and what inspired you to create this?
I had been thinking about how wonderful it would be to buy a magazine the featured all the stuff I love in fashion blogs. And then, after a conversation on Twitter with Emma and Fi, it actually happened. We decided that even if it never goes to print we would love to show that people want it to happen, and so the blog was born to raise awareness - and hopefully to ensure that one day it is a reality.

Do you have any fashion goals or mantras that you live by or tell yourself often?
Just to be myself. It sounds simple, but this really is one of the things that I try hard to be, even though you would think it was obvious! I generally believe if someone doesn't like me for who I am, then I probably don't like to know them!

Any advice for beginning fashion/style bloggers? 
Always write about things that you are interested in. If you write well and interestingly then people will read you, it is unavoidable! Oh, and also to get involved in the community, it is one of the most important parts of the fashion blogging world.

If you want to get involved with Basse Mode, visit their website and start spreading the word.  They are currently looking for all sorts of contributors.  Thank you to Lauren for letting me interview her, and make sure to go check out Basse Mode on their blog and on twitter


  1. Thanks Alyson for doing this interview. I'm super excited to see where this mag goes, and possibly contributing. We totally need a mag like this for the average girl!

  2. This is fantastic. I probably wont get involved (lazy), but I will definitely be a reader/twitter follower. Great interview.



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