Friday, March 19, 2010

She's So Heavy

No, this title is not a reference to me feeling fat but rather a Beatles song and more of a reference to my heart.  I just feel heavy.  Do you ever feel like there is just a veil over your heart?  You aren't shining as brightly?  Life isn't as vivid?  I have been a little moody and melancholy and craving two completely juxtaposing things: sleep and the sun. 

This outfit was from Tuesday and I have been so eager to post it.  I love this outfit so much.  The major score of the month were these shoes at Dillard's.  They were originally $100 and I got them for $28.  They are also rather comfortable for such high heels.  Believe it or not, there is a little bit of pattern mixing.  The blouse is polka dot, and the blazer is a very tiny houndstooth. 

Miniature houndstooth shrunken blazer: The Gap (6 years ago)
Navy blue polka dot blouse: Vintage, borrowed from friend while I was dogsitting
Yellow bird necklace: borrowed from friend while I was dogsitting
Skinny jeans: Express
Oxford style open toe pumps: Antonio Melani for Dilliards



    I'm sorry to hear you've been feelin' down. I've been there. I try to think of it as it's just our bodies purging those little things we hang onto; an automatic mental spring-cleaning, if you will. I hope you feel lighter soon!

  2. i love this outfit!

  3. Love the second pic of you! And I want that blazer. You rocked this outfit.

  4. those shoes are AMAZING! I want them! And yes, I definitely know how you feel... feeling a little funny lately, myself.

  5. i'm such a fan of this outfit! so cute! bravo dahling!



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