Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

Besides the fact that someone put clothes on the naked statue that is in the round-about on music row (just google it)... My St. Patrick's day is going to be pretty uneventful.  Today was my last day dog sitting, and I am excited to get back to my house and be able to take care of some sewing and stuff.  The weather in Nashville has been an odd springy wintery ick.  I have not seen the sun in a few days and its beginning to wear on me.  I am over the in-between and ready to have warmth. 

I wanted to do a few macro shots today and get a picture of my nude fishnets and my red lipstick.  Also, my hair looks a little redder than usual.  I guess my Irish came out a little bit.  My hair looks a little funky because I attempted heidi braids but did not have enough bobby pins.  Oh well.

Green dress with pockets: keshi, Pangea
black hooded sweater coat: Delia's
White printed shirt: Zara (borrowed from friend)
Nude Fishnets: Simply Vera for Kohl's
Green pointy toe flats: Unknown, borrowed

I still have my outfit from yesterday to post up, but wanted to at least get the green up today since it fits the occasion. 

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  1. LOVE the green with the red lips!

  2. Cute dress! Very cute outfit all together! :)

  3. I just came across your blog!

    It is lovely! Following!



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