Monday, January 25, 2010

Well, hello new shoes!

On Friday, I wore this outfit.  Usually, I don't take pictures of what I wear on the weekends because I most likely just wear t-shirts and jeans or comfies.  Anyways, after looking at pictures of this dress, tights, shoes combo... I realized something.  My legs look a little stumpy.  Funny because as I was getting dressed in my room I thought to myself, "I think I might hem this dress a little bit."  So I think I will.  Hem it to mid thigh?

Dress: H&M
Belt: Fred Flare
Tights: Gap
Scarf: Spice in Waco, TX
Shoes: Naturlizers, Ebay!

YES!  I am totally in love with these shoes.  I got them on Thursday and wore them Thursday night and all day on Friday.

I must be honest though.  I think its time for me to go up a size in tights.  I love these tights, I love the color, however, they are simply too tight especially in waist.  On Friday, I had sushi for lunch and because my tights were so tight, my food wasn't digesting correctly and around 3 pm I felt so incredibly sick.

On that note, happy monday everyone!

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  1. Oh yes, these are so great and I love what you're wearing them with!! Thanks for your comment over on ReadyMade.



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