Thursday, December 03, 2009

Update - The boots

A few months ago I talked about how I was going to invest in a pair of boots. I went into Anthropologie and actually had the chance to try on each pair. Once trying my choices on, the choice was clear.

The winner is:

These boots are really amazing. I apologize for not posting a picture of me in them, one day soon. They took a while to break in, in fact a three day weekend traipsing around Chicago with my roommate. I had some pretty BAD blisters and realized I should probably put insoles in them. However, if you don't walk a lot everyday, it should be pretty easy on your feet. I do recommend insoles though.

The color is perfect. When I put them on in the store I just knew. I went around to my friends afterwords telling them to touch and smell. They still smell like beautiful decadent leather. I get complimented on them wherever I go, seriously! I was at the post office and an 80 year old man complimented me on them! And he knew his style too, I could tell!

I also have calves that are on the large side Not crazy large, but enough to give me trouble with boots and skinny jeans. These boots perfectly accommodate for my ample calves.

They are still available for purchase from the Anthropologie site and totally worth it. One of the best investments I ever made.


  1. Anonymous2:43 AM

    What fab boots! Anthropologie have only just opened its first store over here, but its such a wonderful place.

  2. Perfect! I generally buy boots in black but this color is lovely. I also like that these are flat.

  3. how gorgeous are those! just ran accross your blog and your a nashvillian like me :)



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