Friday, December 04, 2009

Fashion Tip Friday - Find a Good Hair Stylist

People tend to have an interesting relationship with their hair. We fight with it, we praise it, fluff it, and pamper it. One of the biggest struggles of being a woman (and even a men too) is finding a hair stylist that gets you. When I was in college, I went to several different hair stylists and got a lot of bad cuts. The worst was the last one I got in Texas. I went to a new salon, and when she got done, I CRIED, and kept crying for days.

When I moved to Nashville, I knew it was important to find a good stylist, and boy did I find a good one. I don't want to make this post all about how amazing my hair stylist is, but this paragraph will be. Amanda is AWESOME. My first time getting my hair cut by Amanda, I told her that I wanted something different. For four years I had the layers and some sort of side swoop. I told her about my hair texture and the way it acts (my hair is really fine on the top of my head and then thicker in the back). She asked me, "What do you think about bangs?" I knew, this was the beginning of something beautiful.

My hair looking fly, and me making gravy for Thanksgiving.

A few tips on getting a great cut:

Talk it out.
It is so important to find a hair stylist that understands your hair and you. The key is to sit with them and tell them your concerns about your hair, the way it acts. The more information you can give them about you and your lifestyle, the better they will be able to give you something you want.

Just ask!
Also, if you see a hair cut you love on some random person, ask if you can take their picture and get the name of the person who cuts their hair. Don't be shy! Just do it! Some people even carry their business cards for them (or maybe that's just me). I found my stylist through my roommate because she always had great hair.
Get creative.
In a financial bind? There are great stylists in training most likely in your city. Check out the local beauty and cosmetology schools. Most often they offer services at a discount price, and there is always an instructor there. A great place to start is to see if there is a name brand school that you recognize, whether its Toni and Guy or Paul Mitchell.

Be honest!
Yes its hair, yes it grows back, but if you see the stylist missed a piece of hair say something. If the guy doing your flooring just forgot the bathroom, wouldn't you say something? If your stylist is styling it different than your normal every day routine, say something. It is okay to speak up.

It grows back.
Don't be afraid to try something different. Hair does grow back. Try a new color, or bangs, or something a little asymetrical. If you have been in a style slump, do something different with your hair. Your hair is one of your best accessories!

Be good to your stylist.
And they will in turn be good to you. Cognito Salon had their Five year anniversary. They had a scavenger hunt, and I went on it. It paid off, I got an amazing flat iron. I always recommend people to Amanda.


  1. Thank you so much for hyping me! You are one of the sweetest ever. Thank you for telling your friends about Cognito. That is the best compliment you could give me!

  2. For the record - I LOVE your new haircut. I know it's already been a while since you got it cut but I'm still loving it!



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