Monday, December 14, 2009

Getting that creeping feeling

Again sorry for the crappy quality of pictures, its really hard when you are home alone and only equipped with an iPhone or an iSight camera.

Before I get to what I really want to talk about today, I wanted to display my outfit that I wore Saturday night to see Brendan Benson with Sam. 

Shirt: Gifted, Banana Republic mens shirt
Leggings as pants: purchased junior year of high school from Wal-Mart probably
Belt: Target
Necklace: vintage costume jewelery from Mamaw
Boots: Anthropologie

Lately, I have been having this burning feeling of really wanting to go shopping.  It all started when I went to Forever 21 with a friend as moral support and fashion adviser for a New Year's Eve dress.  However, I ended up trying on two ridiculous dresses, one of which was covered in sequins.

As I peruse the daily bloggers, and see beautiful and creative dresses, tops, and jackets, I find myself in the mood to covet.  I am sure that it has not helped that my sewing machine has been in repair for the past month, and found out today it will take even longer because another piece broke.  I am experimenting with my serger and have slimmed down a lot of great pieces to make them available for me to wear, but I am craving something fresh and new.

But as a feel the need to shop, I also realize there is a greater purpose to why I have this feeling to cope.  I am beyond stressed about Christmas gifts for Sam and my family.  Work has been additionally stressful (as the end of the year winds down and what not).  Needless to say, in a nutshell.  I. Am. Stressed. Out.  My tendency when I do stress is to either shop, sleep, or be a brat.  I have definitely slept, and definitely been brattier than usual.  I am trying to combat these feelings with positive thinking, setting up boundaries and guarding my heart, and yoga. 

I downloaded a basic class from Yoga Today last week.  Neesha, the instructor, says specifically to focus on an intention for why I am doing yoga and what I would like to get out of it.  Lately, my intention has been peace.  Just to breathe peace in to my lungs, and exhale.  I have done this exercise three times since I downloaded it, and I will be doing it this evening.  Just to gain a little more peace, and a little more strength.

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  1. don't be stressed, the best I will get for Christmas is you will be home.



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