Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blogs I Follow - Citizen Couture

Something resonated with Jason's story of how he started Citizen Couture.  It was the idea that he started in a place that was his job, and then left and did something creative.  It was a story of describing yourself not by what you do, but by what you are passionate about, and then doing what you are passionate about.  I feel ya, Jason.

His street style blog features women and men who are stylists, editors, and fashion bloggers.  His shots are beautiful.  Every photo makes me wish I lived in New York City.

These shorts are AMAZING.  High-waist, leather...

I envisioned doing a full white skirt for a New Year's Eve outfit, and very inspired by Karla's outfit here.

I love the casual cool of this outfit, with a studded cardigan.

She is a teacher... A TEACHER!  I can't believe it.

After looking at this picture, I put on Sam's high top Chuck Taylor's just to see what I look like in them.  Can't pull them off just yet, but this lady can!

Blogs I Follow is a feature that currently runs every Tuesday.  It depicts blogs that I follow.  In no way are these sponsored, just out of the kindness of my heart!


  1. The short is amazing !!! i love !!!

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