Thursday, December 17, 2009

A few brave goals and some direction

Yeah, I just needed a picture for this post!

If you frequent this blog, you may have noticed that I changed up the colors and design once again.  I am going to stick with this one because it makes me happy.  I hate to admit it but I love pink, and gray.

The past week or so, I have been dreaming of fabulous blog ideas and making mental notes to remember to do things on here.  Some of these mental notes are goals and some of them are just ideas.  Here are some brave dreams:

  • Become not just a blogger, not just a fashion blogger, but a Nashville Fashion Blogger.
  • Wear or use something once a week that I have made.
  • Buy my own domain.
  • Actually connect with the bloggers I follow.
  • Stop drooling over clothing, and browsing online (or at least cut that time down).
  • Be able to ride my bike to work.

I am really going to push hard on getting this blog traffic and expanding my audience.  I would love any advice.  If you live in the Nashville area, I would love to get coffee and talk fashion, blogging, and life with you.  I want to start making connections.

I am going to work on getting a content schedule going, that way if you frequent my site you know what you are going to see.  So far, I have Blogs I Follow happening on Tuesdays and then of course Fashion Tip Fridays.  Can I be really honest?  I love writing Fashion Tip Fridays!

I'm also going to start posting more on my fasting from shopping for this whole year.  It has not been a huge focus of my blog, yet.  I really can't express enough how difficult and how hard this is for me.  I am a shopaholic, and when I get frustrated with my wardrobe, often I get to the point of tears.  I want to show you how I am coping, and remixing my clothing.

All this to say, I want this to be bigger and better.  Thank you so much to everyone who reads this.  You have no idea how much it means to me when I get a comment, or when I see how many people have visited, or who click on a link from twitter or facebook.  I am so thankful.

So here we go, thank you again for coming on this journey with me!


  1. I just want to say - Yay!

  2. Well personally I LOVE reading your blog.
    I've also recently gotten over the hump of being a shopaholic.
    I coped by selling on etsy (which required buying- but not for myself) and also getting married and living on a budget.
    My first year of marriage I had NO shopping budget- it was horrible.
    I learned to borrow clothes and accessories from my sisters and that helped.
    I also started making clothes (like you're doing) and shopping vintage.
    I also started giving clothes to friends and in turn I had friends give me clothes back! It was awesome.
    I think you're no shopping journey is AMAZING!
    I also think you should write down your goals for 2010 in a concrete list and renew your mind to them often.
    I do that every year and I can't wait to do it for 2010.
    I also keep track of the books I read: title, author and pages.
    I'm trying for the 2nd year in a row to read 50 books and 10,00 pages!
    Now THAT will keep you out of the mall :)
    blog with you soon!


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  4. I love that you are going to blog about your shopping fast for the year. It'll be a great lesson for everyone and an amazing journey for us readers to follow. Can't wait to see how you mix and match your attire in the months ahead!

  5. Have you considered starting a clothing swap in Nashville? Or looking for swaps? I caved twice this year shopping - first in Jan (I stopped into the Goodwill after cleaning a friend's house) and in May. Total damage was $15 for both trips.

    But I resolved to try harder, borrowed or took from my sister's closet who had gone to plenty of swaps with a lot of clothes she didn't want that fit me, raiding my family's donation bags regularly and asking them to wait for me, and relatives. Ask family members if they're donating clothes ... with a few alterations you could have several vintage pieces.

    I really enjoy reading since I discovered the blog from What I wore. Keep it up!

  6. I thinks that is a good idea for you to start a clothing swap... you should organize one for each season.



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