Friday, December 18, 2009

Fashion Tip Friday - White V-Neck T-shirts

Any compulsive layer-ers?  Oh here's one!  I love layering.  Sometimes just a white line under a shirt can really break some monotony in a monotone or funky color palette.  One of my favorite layering options is so inexpensive; packs of mens white v-neck t-shirts. I started wearing them about 5 years ago in college.  They were great to layer under hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets.  I wore them with skirts, jeans, shorts, etc.  Now, I layer them under cardigans, henleys, and track jackets.  They are my favorite items to wear because they have the comfort of a plain old t-shirt, yet still look classic and chic. White shirts are never something I can have too much of, as I wear them under things all the time. 

These shirts can vary in quality, but I really love Hanes Premium.  They are a little thicker than the regular Hanes shirts.  There really isn't any big reason to go really high end, just stick with Hanes.  They shrink really well in the wash too, and are super soft.  Besides, they come in packs of three which is awesome.

How do you wear these?  You want them to be a little fitted.  In order to pull off this look, you want the bottom of the shirt to skim close to the body, and not be hanging.  You also don't want it to be really tight either.  I get a size small because they are mens and those usually fit me like a glove.

Here are a few shots of me sporting my favorite shirts.  These shots are not me posing for a fashion-shot, I had to actually go fish these from Facebook!

Great to wear with a track jacket, this is Halloween two years ago, I was Mel from Flight of the Conchords, and that is Bret on my shirt.

One of my favorite layering pieces in the winter, paired with a Brown V-neck sweatshirt from Old Navy.

Perfect for a sheer sweater to add a little warmth.  Also, this is a perfect example of me being goofy, yes, I have head shots of Amy Grant taped to my leg.  Just because...

These are an inexpensive addition to any wardrobe, and easy to find at Target!

Thanks again, looking forward to next week!  Have a great weekend!

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