Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Nashville Concert Stance

Last week, I went to see The Deadweather play here in Nashville. The energy during the whole show was intense. Alison Mosshart flailed, danced, and belted out on stage. It was awesome, and people even broke out of the "Nashville Concert Stance". For my friends not here in Nashville, I need to describe the "Nashville Concert Stance". Everyone in Nashville does it without realizing it.

How To:
Stand with most of your weight on one foot (preferably your left foot).
Other foot should be slightly in front, and bent comfortably.
Push your hips forward a little bit.
Cross your arms over your chest.
Nod your head to the beat.*

*If you are really into the show, you can tap your heel of your foot on the ground.

A few pictures from the night courtesy of MetroMix Nashville.

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