Thursday, August 06, 2009

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I have something to admit. I struggle with budgeting my money. At times I have struggled more than others, especially when I first got out on my own with my own bank account. Over the past year and half I have made it a goal of mine to begin to budget my money wisely. I honestly could not even begin to think what that would look like until I was recommended a site called is a great tool to help you keep track of your spending. They offer trending reports, live updates of your accounts, and reminders when your bills are due. Mint allows you to set limits on what you are spending your money on, and it keeps track of it. You can go in and categorize things yourself (into shopping, groceries, gas,etc) or allow Mint to do it for you (YES! It does it FOR YOU!). When you go over your budget for a particular area, Mint will shoot you an e-mail (or even a text) and let you know. They also can send you alerts when you have a low balance. It keeps track of credit cards, checking accounts, bank accounts, student loans, and even investments. Oh, and did I mention that its free?

Mint has really helped me out over the past year and the more I use it the more I love it. I check Mint everyday to see where I am on spending. Well, this morning I got a fantastic e-mail from them. They are choosing a few long time users of their service for beta testing of some new features. BUT, I have to have at least three people sign up using this link

I have some awesome things in store for this blog coming up in the next few months (such as my own domain and something special I will be doing for my 25th birthday coming up), and I promise as soon as I am granted beta-testing for Mint, I will write about it. But, I gotta get there first. So please please please sign up for it. You don't even have to use it (but you would be silly not to use it). So again, click this link (because its special) and sign up for Mint today!


  1. I signed up! Thank you so much for posting this! I have been wanting to sign up best kept forgetting about it! Hopefully you will get credit for me!

  2. i'm going to sign up!



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