Friday, December 09, 2011

A post about snack crackers

Thank you all for your comments and for seriously making me laugh... hard.  So here it is a post about cheez-its... Not really, its just a picture.  There's not much to say but that they are delicious! They go great dropped into creamy tomato soup.

I think I'd be able to enjoy life the holidays more if I wasn't so damn broke.  I have money for presents but this chick is eating crackers and soup for lunch... and have done this three days out of the five, and then three nights out of the five for dinner.  I'm not so broke I need money, its just eating weird stuff for dinner so you don't have to go to the grocery store.  Putting $5 of gas in your car to get you towards payday.  Basically all the normal things that normal people are doing because the economy sucks so much and so we can all pay off our student loans.

In theory, my whole year of no shopping was supposed to be the year I also paid off my credit cards.  Instead it was more like "the year I went out to eat way too much and then none of my pants fit".  And then simultaneously had giant disasters happen.  Not only was I not able to buy clothes to replace said pants, but I had a fancy little pizza pooch (what if it had glitter on it and that is what made it fancy... I just shuddered thinking about that).  I did get one card paid off, but it is now teetering back at its limit.  *le sigh  Fact: I have two credit cards teetering at their limits. Oh... joy.

But I noticed something.  When a bill is automatically coming out of my checking account each month, I budget for it.  Seems simple right?  It is like I tricked myself, but in a good way.  So, let's see if this method will work.  I am going to currently pay $100 a month on my discover bill ($60 over the minimum).  Oh wait... I have to trick myself.  So the reality is that my discover card minimum is $100 a month... not $40 (but it really is $40) and it comes out of my checking account on the 16th.

Just call me the sneaky budgetteer, like a musketeer or a bucaneer but without a sword.

One reason why I'm feeling the pinch of the penny is because I got some shoes repaired.  My gold flats and my vintage woven loafers.  Both shoes I wear a lot, so getting them repaired seems logical.  But it was $45 to replace the soles on my gold flats and then $20 for them to mend my other pair...  I have got to get at least five more years of wear out of both of those shoes.  Which I will, right?  Sure.  Do you get shoes repaired or do you typically just replace them? Thoughts?

Anyone else out there broke this Christmas?

PS- I totally just blogged about cheez-its AND soup.


  1. I know the feeling of being broke friend.. it sucks! C and I just spent the last 2 years paying off the credit card debt I accumulated during college and we are almost free (if only we could stop using them all together now). We used the Dave Ramsey "snowball" method and let me tell you - it works and it's awesome. I think I have told every person I know about it. Anyway - just know that you aren't alone in being broke. Most of us are right there with you!

  2. cheese-its and soup are one of my favorite cozy meals! dave can attest to this. when i am down or not feeling well, or when i just want something cheap and yummy, i send him to the store for cheese-its and soup. i think the soup is a tasty excuse to eat too many cheese its, because i like to have them in each bite, and i keep adding more when the layer i've put in runs out. oh well! we, too, are budgeting big-time in our house, and trying to pay down debt. we've had lots of people tell us about the dave ramsey method too - sounds great! we do use a few of his tricks too : )

  3. Sometimes I get shoes fixed but, sometimes it's more worth it to buy a new pair because it can be soooo expensive!



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