Wednesday, August 03, 2011

New York City

I have some news yall.  First things first, I finished Friday Night Lights.  Such a good show, right?  Second, I'm also really happy with who Ashley picked on the Bachelorette but really, I don't see how she chose.  And finally, I will be spending my Labor Day Weekend in New York City thanks to the fantastic folks at Kensie.


If you follow me on twitter, you have already known for weeks.  I entered the contest to win a trip to New York City, and I won.  When I got the e-mail, I wanted to pee my pants and hold my breath and cry at the same time.  I am still super shocked.

Sam and I are going on a 3 night trip to New York City, and we need suggestions!  I want this to be a full trip.  Full of friends.  Full of laughing.  Full of food.  Full of aching feet.  Full of beer.  Leave your suggestions in the comments!

If you want to meet up, just shoot me an e-mail.

I am so excited to share this trip and I am so excited to see friends. 

A huge huge huge thank you to Kensie for hosting this sweepstakes and sending me on such an amazing trip.  I really cannot thank them enough.


  1. go to rice to riches in little italy! and get cereal milk ice cream at momofuku. that is all.

  2. holy moly thats awesome, many congrats! If you get a chance to go to Little Italy there is a small restaurant called Amici ii on Mulberry Street, so good! I always hit it up when I am in the city.

  3. Anonymous2:45 PM

    congrats!! i have no suggestions, as i've only been a tourist and don't feel i would direct you to the best/coolest/most significant places. have fun!!!

  4. i'll give you a million suggestions this weekend! yay!

  5. Touristy Suggestions:

    1. Pay the $90+ for a Greyline Bus pass for at least one day. Those are the double decker buses that go all the way around the city and have tour guides. You get to see EVERYTHING and if you want to stop somewhere or you just don't like the tour guide you have, get off and hop back on whenever you want! SO worth it.

    2. Eat as much pizza as humanly possible. I always miss the pizza after we leave and wish I would've eaten at least 20 more slices.

    3. Skip going to the top of the Empire State (if you plan to do a going to the top). Instead, go to the top of "The Rock" (Rockefeller Buildling). It has an awesome view of the park and of the empire state building. You definitely want pics of the skyline WITH the Empire State Building so why go to the top of that? The Rock is cheaper and usually has no wait.

    4.Go to Central Park to eat breakfast. We love going to get bagels (another must) and then just sitting in the park in the morning and people watching.

    5. I heart NYC. <-- not exactly a recommendation, but I couldn't think of a number 5. Have fun!

  6. That's amazing!! Have so much fun!! We haven't been in quite sometime, so I don't really have any suggestions..

  7. Have fun! It is a dream trip for me! Bring back many photos!

    Following you now on Bloglovin and Google, I would love it if you followed me back!

    Stories and Sequins

  8. wish i could meet you two in nyc! so excited that you get to go!! :)



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