Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dear Wednesday, It is hot. An ode to summer.

This summer has been brought to you by, new hair cuts...

Seersucker shorts

 Billowy cotton tops
 Shiner, Ruby Redbird beer (sooo good!)
And old leather flip flops.

Typically when I get home from work, I just want to sit out in my front yard with a beer in a pair of shorts until I get tired of swatting mosquitos.

Shirt: thrifted, J. Crew
Shorts: a gift from Tori
Shoes: my six year old rainbows that could not fit more perfectly to my feetsies!

Guess what I see... a weekend on the horizon!


  1. alyson, you make the simplest styles look so effortless and chic! love this look!

  2. Mmm, Shiner. And I'm jealous of your tan line-free skin. Keep rockin' the pale.

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