Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'll Gladly Stand Up

About a year ago, during the flood, when I didn't have a home, I was actually staying with Sam.  One night, both him and his roommate were working.  I had the entire house to myself, but chose to lock myself up in Sam's room (he lives in the converted attic space of the house),  I was most likely watching an Alias DVD or something when I thought I heard singing coming from downstairs.  I could feel the blood drain from my body, but decided to check it out.  As I opened the door from Sam's room I heard "God Bless the USA" blaring from his roommate room.  I called out his name, and of course nothing.  I crept into Ben's room slowly.  However, something out of the corner of my eye made me freeze.  It was a man! I turned around preparing to scream before I got a good look.  It wasn't a man.  It was Woody from Toy Story.  A giant doll of Woody from Toy Story.  Easily a four foot doll.  Yes, let's all say it because we are thinking it, I got scared by a giant Woody.  Suddenly, the music didn't matter as I let out a sigh of relief.  The music was actually coming from an alarm clock that had been set to go off at the wrong time.

I wore this outfit sometime last week to go to work.  As much as I love these shoes, I have to remember to bring flats with me.  These shoes kill my feet, lovely, but they kill.  For some reason the editing in these photos always makes my hair look super red.  It has actually faded quite a bit, or maybe it just looks like this.. I have no idea. 

Shirt: seriously old, I bought it from Gadzooks (a store that carried Forever 21 crap) easily six years old.
Belt: Forever 21 (I really don't shop there anymore so its weird so much of this outfit consists of that.
Skirt: thrifted
Shoes: thrifted, Michael by Michael Kors (Beacon's Closet Park Slope)


  1. I won't laugh. Promise. :)

    I love that skirt, it's so fun! The nautical/Americana theme is great on you!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  2. that story was hilarious! also, i love that belt and the way you styled your outfit! but the real reason i am commenting is because you reminded me of gazooks! i had totally forgotten about gazooks!! this whole post made me smile. thank you. :o)

  3. LOfreakingL. That is hilarious! I love the picture of you spinning in your skirt. Too cute!

  4. haha...appropriate with all the anthony weiner jokes out there right now

  5. Oh my gosh! How horrible to be freaked out by a Woody doll!

    Cute skirt and cute swirly pick. I just did one the other day :)

  6. Gadzooks! Wow, that brings back memories. I think I got my freshman homecoming dress there (I was in an early gothish face)!

    Cute outfit, though!



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