Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Time Away

I'm still alive. A few things:
Can someone bring me some peonies?  Please?  I may also settle for some graham crackers.

I'm home sick today.  I started getting a sore throat related to allergies on Saturday evening, and its only gotten worse.  Staying home to rest, not talk, and drink the hottest tea I can stand.

When did Nashville become Portland, OR?  It has been raining since Sunday, and we only had about two days of not rain.  This type of weather not only makes previously said allergies go haywire, but also my skin and my hair.  Things aren't pretty over here.

Oh, and I'm sick of my closet.  I know it will pass, and I just have to wash and dryel my stuff from Goodwill this weekend and I will have a sunnier disposition about life, but I'm ready for 80 degrees all the time.  This has probably been the biggest cause to my hiatus recently.

Can you guys tell me some funny stories?  That will hopefully make me not being able to speak worth it.


  1. Ooh, I live in Oregon and I feel ya!! Come on spring! Scratch that, come on SUMMER!

    Funny story: Recently after church, I told an elderly neighbor that I'd "see him on the other side." I meant that I'd see him back home since he lives next to us. He looked at me with a slightly shocked face and I didn't know why until my husband admonished me (laughing like crazy) on the way home. Oof.

  2. feel better, pumpkin. the sun is shining today! hopefully she'll stick around for awhile. xo.



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