Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Doctor, Please help me. I'm damaged.

Rolling Stones Quote!!!

What do you know, I'm writing this in the morning before I publish it.  Work has been crazy this week and it won't die down until May, but even then it won't die down that much.  So, my posting may be a little erratic and not as timely.

This morning at 1:30 I almost took a nose dive into my cramped closet in only my sleep shirt and unders.  The storms this season have been ridiculous, so when I woke up to my bedroom window being pelted with scary wind, I was for sure a tornado was on the way.  My heart was POUNDING.  Alas, it was only 70 mph winds, no tornado.  Which is good because, if something happened and I wasn't wearing pants.... oh geez, that would be embarrassing.

After looking at pictures, I'm not too crazy about this outfit.  I think the shirt needed to be fitted.  With a loose shirt and the stripes, it creates this optical illusion of slight chubbiness.  The flats do not help with this problem either creating an odd proportion.

Shirt: vintage, gift from a friend
Belt: Gap
Skirt: vintage, Local Honey
Shoes: Old Navy


  1. If there is ever some sort of fire, tornado, reason my neighbors and I will all be out in the street... you can bet I will be caught in my unders. Team no pants! You look lovely as ever, and very ginger today. XO

  2. In the summer, when I tend to sleep pretty scantily-clad, I always worry about being seen half-naked outside if there's a fire!

    This color looks great on you, BTW. :)

  3. there is no chubbiness! beautiful, as always : )

  4. I think people would understand if you took cover in only your undies, just think about the folks who might be in the shower when the big one hits, whoa.

  5. You look adorable! And the storms around here have been awful this season, I'm ready for tornado season to be over!



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