Monday, March 21, 2011

There is life from behind the computer

I want to give a huge thank you to everyone who read my last post (all 6 of you).  Thank you for celebrating with me that I am finally things are going to be okay.  Due to some major lifestyle changes that had to happen, I will definitely say it was all for the better.

I don't have many pictures from my weekend.  I tried to spend as much time away from my computer as possible.  Got my floors mopped, went to a vegan cookout (and I still like meat), went for a 2.5 mile "strenuous" hike (it was labeled strenuous), made some chicken tortilla soup, and watched the rest of season 5 of Supernatural.  Sam had all of Sunday off, it was fan-freaking-tastic.

 mmmm... sangria

 Can you figure out this puzzle....  the last part does not mean to the shoe department.  Sam thought that's what it meant but he was wrong.

My cup of coffee on Sunday.  Sam and I were listening to Elvis Costello, can you tell?

Weekend can you stick around for a few more days?


  1. Head over heels!

  2. Katharine H.9:41 AM

    I honestly sat here for 5 minutes trying to figure that puzzle out. My mind is not what it used to be....

  3. I had NO idea what to make of that puzzle. My brain was all "person spitting a ball over a box and" Robyn rocks for getting it! Also, I love those coffee mugs :)

  4. mmmm...sangria sounds good!

  5. hey, hey I read it too, and then I clicked out of it before I commented, and then I realized I was running last for work. haha, but I read it. I swear. And I totally know how you feel and I'm glad you are figuring it all out.

    ps. I love those coffee mugs. SSF and I definitely need a set of those... but probably not until after the wedding (he is like a nazi!)

  6. no shoes for you! (or mugs, or tank tops, or bew bedding....) you get the picture.

  7. I just read your other post now. It's been a busy couple of weeks and that almighty "mark all as read" button had to be used a few times. Speaking of peace. That button sometimes gives me peace.

    You are beautifully and wonderfully YOU and I'm glad that you're still here blogging.

    Even though your pictures are making me want sangria and coffee right now. Oh, sangria. So yummy, but so many calories...

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  8. Picture puzzles always stump me. That sangria looks delicious! Save some for me!

  9. I got it
    I got it
    head over heels

  10. As a fellow Alison (though with an I) I totally got psyched over your coffee mug!

    Head Over Heels! I don't know what beer has these riddles on the labels but my husband gets them and has made me a bit of a geek about them!



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