Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm Just a Jerk

No, I'm not just quoting Steve Martin because he's funny.  I forgot my mother's birthday.  Saying that I feel awful, does not even begin to express how I feel.  No good excuses.

Please excuse my current mood to explain why I'm not choosing to wax poetically about my clothing.

Top: Hand me down
Pants: Lands' End Canvas
Oxfords: E-bay
Necklace: thrifted
Bracelet: gift


  1. I forgot my mom's birthday once when I was about 10. I still remember how awful I felt when I realized it! Don't worry -- she'll forgive you. It's that whole "unconditional love" thing.

    Cute bracelet!

  2. Eeeeek...forgetting your mom's bday...what to do what to do? Send some flowers! Call her up--mom's are forgiving. I'm sure you've already considered all the options and called her by now. Sorry to hear this though...I know that makes a daughter feel crappy.
    I like your bracelet though :)

  3. love the bracelet too! don't beat yourself up over it. we're all human! your mama knows you love her!!!

  4. oye, I'm guilty of forgetting my mom's birthday before. Luckly, mom's are generally born with the forgiveness gene, or they develop it or something.

    luckily though, you looked good while doing it. That's important. I love those pants.

  5. I'm sure Mom will forgive you! That bracelet is gorgeous, find one of those for her... ;)



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