Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Witchy Woman

This may be the most haunting photo shoot I have done, ever.  Usually, I try and play up the quirkiness, but this just turned out a lot more somber than I thought it would.  The funny thing is this outfit is mostly comfort.  A maxi skirt and a giant leopard print cape that feels as soft as a blanket means I could easily crawl under my desk and take a nap (although I didn't).

I touched up my roots this weekend and revamped my hair.  It looks a lot brighter in the pictures than it does in real life.  Or maybe it doesn't?  It could just be that vibrant?  I'm asking all of you like you have seen me in real life in the past three days...

Finally, the bolo.  Sam's mother gave it to me for Christmas (along with one that has square dancers on it!).  I really love it and think its beautiful.

Cape: Urban Outfitters (Deena and Ozzy I think)
Shirt: Anthropologie
Dress worn as a skirt: thrifted
Bolo: gift
Shoes: Toms

PS- This outfit was not incredibly work appropriate due to my footwear but, my muscles are killing me.  Anyone have any tips on how to not feel like you've been stabbed in every muscle that you work out?

PPS- Happy Groundhog Day!  I hope Phil hangs out and stays a while.  Maybe I'll take him out to tea and convince him to keep winter at bay and bring on spring.


  1. I like this outfit it looks beyond comfy. I think the cape would kill the office appropriateness but, if you swapped that for a blazer it would be cool. I honestly didn't even notice the shoes :)

  2. Working out - eat lots of bananas for potassium. That's supposed to ease soreness. Or so I've heard. :)

  3. this outfit is just right.

  4. You look so warm and cozy, I love your wrap!

  5. That cape is fabulous! And it looks perfect for a chilly below zero day like today in MN.

    And stretching after (and before) working out feels like a waste of time but it really does help with sore muscles. Also, lots of water.

  6. I really like the cape, and it looks like it would be so warm. When my legs hurt really bad I always make sure I'm drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. If that doesn't help I check the shoes I'm wearing, if they are new shoes they will hurt for a few days. My last resort is bananas for more potassium.
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  7. how cozy is this outfit! you look so wrapped up and warm! aaaaand i want that cape!

  8. stretch like crazy after you work out and then before you go to bed, when you feel your muscles start to stiffen. It helps.

    On another note I was in target awhile ago and saw a cape i loved, but was too afraid to try to make work. I wish I would have bought it now.

  9. Grr, baby.

    I love this and I love it even more with the Toms. They are kind of perfect in a weird, philanthropic footwear sort of way :)

    And the BOLO! Lady, that freaking rocks. It's the perfect companion to your gorgeous shawl. And lovely new hairs. I love it all over the place.




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