Friday, February 18, 2011

Tangerine Dreams

Happy Friday folks!  I don't know about you, but this week has been a strange one for me.  I also want to confess that I have not been giving as much to my blog as I should.  I realize that my writing hasn't been what it was in the past.  It has been difficult to share some of the things going on in my life because a lot of it is deeply personal.  I have been struggling with sharing on this blog.

A lot of my stress and worry has been due to financial stuff.  I am struggling to figure out how to budget my money and my time.  Don't worry this funk isn't just effecting my blog, my house is a mess too.  So even while you guys are struggling to read the monotonous language and silly anecdotes, I'm tripping over my boots and my kitchen smells like old cheese.  (TMI?)

In other news, I really liked my outfit on Wednesday.  This yellow skirt just looks so great with stripes!  Talk about a pop of color!

Striped Top: Lands' End Canvas
Skirt: vintage
Shoes: Urban Outfitters
Scarf: gift from Lizzy Brookes

Its the weekend, and I'm kicking it off with eating left over chips in the employee break area.  I like to scavenge... keeps me from going to Wendy's.


  1. You look fabulous and that always makes one feel better at least.

    It always gets better, so don't worry too much :)
    Money sucks, I was dead broke when I moved to D.C. and pretty much still am haha
    The early/mid-20's is hard when it comes to money

  2. I loooove this outfit! So cute.

  3. this outfit is so bright and cheery and lovely! I hope you get everything figured out and don't have to stress! It's always just a pain to be tripping over stuff and not feel like you have the time or energy to dedicate to remedying the situation.

  4. Yeah, I struggle with that stuff all the time. I try to keep things happy and light on my blog, even when life isn't exactly happy or light. But the yellow skirt helps. And the cute poses.
    Hope the weekend helps you recover!

  5. love the outfit!!!

    congrats on paying off a credit card yesterday! keep it up!

  6. That skirt is an amazing color and I'm sure an instant mood booster! Good luck working out your life stuff! I'm going through some of that now to and it's a pain but, these things all come to an end hopefully in a positive way and soon :)

  7. very cute look. i really love the yellow skirt paired with the stripy top.

  8. LOOOOOVEEE this outfit!!! It's my new fave of yours!

  9. Anonymous6:29 AM

    beautiful skirt!

  10. I'm sorry about your worries and troubles.

    But you look pretty happy. And pretty fucking cute, too. I love the solid color with the breton stripes. Absolutely perfect.

    Hope your weekend (and the leftover chips) was great.

  11. My kitchen also smells like old cheese, and I don't even eat cheese. Never TMI for me.

    I agree with Miranda's comment, the early/mid 20's are hard, when it comes to money and almost everything really.

    But everything always works out in the end, gotta stay positive!

    Love the yellow skirt :)

  12. Fabulous color combo, and I totally sympathize with the house disaster. I couldn't take a picture inside of mine lately.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Super cute necklace giveaway!



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