Friday, October 22, 2010

Would you still be my friend if I wore stirrup jeans?

When I started telling my friends that one of the first purchases I was going to make after my year was over was a pair of stirrup jeans... I got a lot of funny looks.  Personally, I love them.  There is something so simple and elegant of the silouette of the leg.  Having to chronically worry about my ankles not being slender enough for skinny jeans and always ALWAYS bunching up because my legs are so short.

Confession: I flirted with temptation and actually tried these on last weekend.  To say they fit like a dream is a vast understatement.  They are like a second skin with an elastic band under my feet.  And I realized something.  When I worked at Gap, they would have cycles of "specialty denim" also known as "won't sell and then will go on sale".  I am just afraid these might fall under that category, so I wanted to do a poll.



  1. Yes I would still be your friends! I like them, always have, their kinda cute and neat.

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  2. i voted! they look hot in that picture : ) i've been searching for a pair of regular jeggings that don't make me look like a pregnant weeble, but haven't had much luck...i just want some jeans to wear with boots since my skinny jeans don't fit right now. should i try the gap?

  3. they're fabulous. it's nice to have option in your wardrobe instead of looking at a pile of clothes that all look similar to each other. plus stirrup jeans are perfect to wear under boots!



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