Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peanuts and Cracker Jack

Finally!  Outfit posts!!!!  I have been having the hardest time scheduling a few minutes in each day to take pictures of what I'm wearing.  That and I am totally lazy.  I wanted to start scouting out places for shoots on my way from the parking lot back to my house.  There are some really cool buildings but something about this baseball field was just calling to me.  Shelby Bottoms park in Nashville is one of the most beautiful parks and greenways.  With the Cumberland River so close by and the high rise railroad tracks in the background... it is an interesting place to spend time.  Kids were running around, and parents were running around after them.

One of the best things about Nashville is that it is still the south but you still get seasons.  I'm sure fall in New York is great, but fall in Nashville is the best season ever in the whole world at any time.  The air is crisp, clean, and the trees are absolutely beautiful.  It will be this way until about Thanksgiving and then it will start turning cold, wet, and wintery. 

And of course, baseball is on my mind right now.  I don't like talking about sports but... the Texas Rangers are in the play offs and playing so well against the Yankees!  The Rangers have never been this far ever.

Confession: I have been a little bored with the blog.  I am not quite sure what it is, but I'm also having a hard time putting a lot of effort into it for many reasons.

Sweater: Delias (its 10 years old)
Dress: Made by me
Belt: Gap
Shoes: Thrifted
Bracelets: Claire's and ModCloth
Necklace: Jess LC Division Collection


  1. the shiny stripes are fabulous!

  2. Love the pop of red with the stripes!

  3. fall in chicago is my fav! :)

  4. GREAT outfit post:)
    I LOVE the stripes with the belted cardi and super cute red shoes...you look great!!

    Fun pics too!

    Read my Interview with Susan @ ModCloth♥

  5. the DRESS! This is what I'm supposed to be viewing that you put in your blog post right? (re: your tweet to me).
    Well I love it! Well done, it looks great, looks awesome, suits you perfectly! So stick with it...make some more, then wholeheartedly consider fashion school--I'll be your biggest supporter of this!

  6. I've been all about the red shoes with the black and white outfit combination lately too. It's so fresh looking and adds just that little bit of extra spunk. - Katy

  7. You made that dress? It's cute!! I love baseball too, but the Tigers didn't do so well. :P

    I know what it feels like to get bored with the blog, I get that way sometimes. Glad you posted though, you look so cute!

  8. Anonymous1:51 PM

    Love your dress!

  9. so cute! i love the stripes with the red bag! :)


  10. Great pop of red. Hope you find some inspiration to keep going with your blog :)

  11. Nothing beats a good red, white, and black combo. Fer realz.

    And although I will take your word, I beg to differ that fall in Colorado is the best season ever in the whole world at any time :)

    Looking lovely as always, Miss Alyson.


  12. Yay! outfit posts. I love the dress.

    Even though I am a Phillies fan, for life, I will tell you I am secretly, actually, not so secretly cheering for the Rangers. Why? Because I love Cliff Lee and hate the Yankees!



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