Friday, October 01, 2010

Kicking Off the Weekend

By the time I get off work today, a very special guest will be in Nashville!  I am so excited!

I am just ready for the weekend.  I am ready to stay up late and sleep in!  I am ready to sip coffee and catch up blogs and books.  My plans for this weekend?  Well it is Next Big Nashville.  Your's truly won a wristband so I am able to get into shows all over the city.  The part that stinks is that, I don't really have any close friends that are going.  I wish they would have given out two wristbands that way I could bring a guest.  I mean really, who wants to go to a show by themselves?

Wore this outfit to work on Wednesday actually:

Cardigan: Urban Outfitters
Tank Top: Hand me down from a friend
Pleated skirt: Gap (when I worked there... talk about a classic piece that has stuck around... 6 years!
Suede loafers: Target
Necklace: Modcloth contest

Everyone have a great weekend!


  1. Good point, 2 free wrist bands would have made a lot more sense! Also, I'm obsessed with your cardigan. Have a wonderful weekend, Alyson!

  2. Cute outfit!! I love your hair! :) Have a fun weekend!

  3. You look so pretty!! I love the color of the cardi:)

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  4. i love neutrals with a bright pop of color – and the look's totally working with the new hair color, too! very cute!

  5. You look beautiful! I absolutely love this outfit. :)

  6. cute outfit, I hope you have fun seeing those shows :)

  7. love the red with the neutrals. That sucks and is kind of lame that you only won a single wristband. Most of the time its "win two" oh well.

    Have a good weekend Alyson!

  8. I think a good pleated skirt is a classic!
    And your hair looks very lovely today!

  9. those moccasins are fantastic! i've been on the lookout for some, but i'm on a thrifting-only shopping ban! :(

    love the pop of red in your outfit!



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