Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Due in the Morning

Oh Monday.  Yes, I realize today is Tuesday but I still have so much of a bone to pick with Monday. 

Dear Monday,

Why did my desk drawer lock?  It is impossible for it to lock without using the key.  The key was inside the drawer, meaning it really was IMPOSSIBLE for it to lock.  However, it did.  With my purse, shoes, cell phone in it and without a key in sight.  I asked everyone in the office if they had keys with the correct number on them and not a single one showed up.  Thankfully someone in maintenance brought an entire set of keys and all was well. 

However, I am not through with you yet Monday.  You know what you did.  My car... It didn't start.  Because of a short in the security system of my car, I have to manually lock my doors now.  Monday, this is all your fault.

But I am judging you very harshly.  On your faithfully first day of the work week, I did get a call about a third interview for the position I want.  And I did have an excellent dinner (despite the fact that the server wouldn't let me redeem my happy hour coupon because I drank my beer too slow).  And... my sweet co-workers did bring me lunch back from the presentation they all went to yesterday for lunch.  I also had the chance to watch Gossip Girl, and Monday, I'm glad I did.  While Blair Waldorf was confronting Chuck, framed between their two heads as they argued, was a familiar face!

I will give you a little bit of credit Monday, but I am still not a fan of you.



Outfit details:
Gray cashmere sweater: Banana Republic - I lived in this sweater on Sunday.  It was so chilly and so soft that I did not want to remove it from my body.  I came across this sweater at a Banana Republic about 5 years ago and it was been a faithful piece of my wardrobe ever since.
Red skirt: Thrifted, Buffalo Exchange
Gold glitter belt: Thrifted, J.Crew Buffalo Exchange
Nude fishnets: Vera, by Vera Wang, Kohl's
Black flats: Old Navy


  1. oh girl! that sounds like a rough day!!! glad you at least got to enjoy an adult beverage and chill out post-work.

  2. Sorry about your day.....I do love your vibrant red dress....its gorgeous on you:)

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  3. Haha, I shouldn't be laughing, but that Monday she can be a real B.

    And I love your skirt, and I have the same fishnets from Vera at Kohls and everything. Yay for us.

    Sparrow & Urchin

  4. While Blair Waldorf was confronting Chuck, framed between their two heads as they argued, was a familiar face!

    Who was this familiar face???

  5. That skirt is so excellent!

  6. I love that skirt, the embroidered detail is awesome

  7. Anonymous1:45 PM

    I love that you post about your feelings and are honest about how things are going in a 'real life' and if people cannot post encouraging post then why waste their time and everyone else's time. If you can't say something nice about someone then don't post at all. and this is for the poster that was taken down because you were just rude. And in the famous words of Nancy Botwin... I am a mother lion and I protect my cub! and all her little cub friends hee hee

  8. Stix322 and Alyson. Sorry if my comment in anyway seemed rude. It was very un-cool of me. However I do appreciate your honesty with me.



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